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Speed up the construction of large-scale water supply projects in rural areas
Release time:2022-9-23

Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Rural Development Bureau jointly issued a notice on accelerating the construction of large-scale water supply projects in rural areas. Water supply projects (including urban water supply pipe network extension projects and water supply projects for 1,000 tons of people) will improve the level of rural water supply security and achieve high-quality development of rural water supply. The "Notice" requires that by 2025, the penetration rate of tap water in rural areas nationwide will reach more than 88%.

my country's national water conditions are complex, with large regional differences. The overall level of rural water supply security in the country is still in its primary stage. In some rural areas, there are still problems such as unstable water sources and low water quality and quality assurance levels. my country's water supply engineering construction space is huge, especially in the vast central and western rural areas. According to authoritative data, the scale of my country's rural water industry in 2018 exceeded 60 billion yuan. This figure does not include the operating market size after the completion of the facilities. In 2020, the output value will increase to 84.4 billion yuan. By 2025, this figure will exceed 130 billion yuan.

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