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The first multi-well-ground combined production project in China was successfully completed
Release time:2022-9-2

On August 29, we learned from Xinxing Geophysical Development Office that the DAS3D-VSP well-ground combined mining project undertaken by Team 2514 in Wangyao South of Changqing Oilfield has been efficiently completed recently.

This project is a key exploration project deployed by the group company and Changqing Oilfield to promote the development of the remaining oil in the basin. It is also the first multi-well-ground combined production project in China. It is of great significance for expanding the development, production, construction and fine reservoir description of old oil areas. . Changqing Oilfield and Dongfang Geophysical Co., Ltd. jointly created this milestone project. The cutting-edge acquisition method of well-ground combined mining is used to effectively supplement 3D seismic acquisition. By extracting accurate well drive processing parameters, it provides high-resolution and high-precision processing and interpretation of 3D seismic data. Accurate and reliable reference provides strong technical support for the implementation of the structural characteristics of each target layer in this area, the spatial distribution characteristics of reservoirs and further scientific research.

Dongfang Geophysical established a technical research team headed by chief technical expert Chen Haolin. The Xinxing Geophysical Exploration and Development Department has comprehensively upgraded the project management and operation. CNPC Aobo and the 2514 team set up a special acquisition command center for combined well-ground production, discussing acquisition methods with technical experts, and comprehensively strengthening project management. Team 2514 strengthened communication and coordination with Team 286 of the Changqing Geophysical Exploration Office, a higher-level unit, to formulate detailed joint mining plans, and to make comprehensive arrangements for the acquisition time arrangement and parameter settings, and fully do a good job in emergency protection during the project operation.

This project is the first time that 7 wells have been combined in the same project. It is the first time to use a vibroseis of compression and shear waves in the development seismic field, and it is the first time that a conventional + uDAS tool is used to synchronously perform VSP acquisition.