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Electric valve safety operation rules
Release time:2022-9-9

1. Carefully read the valve manual to understand the basic structure and principle.

2. Operation steps of electric valve.

2.1 Close the air switch of each circuit, when the "on-site or remote control" indicator light is on, switch the "on-site" or "remote" control according to the needs, according to the "close in place" or "open in place" indicator lights, and then choose to open or close the valve operation . Note: When the valve is not closed in place, the "close in place" or "open in place" indicator will not light up. Red light means "valve open in place" or "on-site" control, green light means "valve close in place" or "remote" control.

2.2 To manually open and close, press the manual and automatic switch and rotate the valve at the same time, the "clockwise" direction is to close the valve, the pointer points to 0° when it is closed, and the "counterclockwise" direction is to open the valve, and the pointer is open when it is fully open. Point to 90°.